a simple ansible role for drone without docker
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This role installs drone without docker


This role requires a database server to to be present where drone can connect to

Role Variables

  • drone_postgress_user: default "{{ inventory_hostname}}"
  • drone_postgress_db: default "{{ inventory_hostname}}"
  • drone_server_host: url where drone will be reachable
  • drone_rpc_secret: something secret
  • drone_integration: 'gitea'
  • drone_gitea_server: url to gitea server
  • drone_gitea_client_id: client id for gitea oauth application
  • drone_gitea_client_secret: client secret for gitea oauth application
  • drone_posgress_data_dir: "/run/postgresql/"
  • drone_user_filter: ""
  • drone_version: "v1.10.1"



Example Playbook

- name: "Install drone"
  hosts: drone
      - ansible-role-drone
      - drone_gitea_server: "https://gitea.example.com"
      - drone_server_host: 'drone.example.com'
      - drone_rpc_host: 'localhost:8080'
      - drone_rpc_proto: 'http'
      - drone_rpc_secret: 'secret'
      - drone_integration: 'gitea'
      - drone_gitea_client_id: client_id
      - drone_gitea_client_secret: client_secret
      - drone_posgress_data_dir: "/run/postgresql/"
      - drone_user_filter: "jens"



Author Information

Jens (gitea.caret.be)