this repo contains the code for a vrt nu app on apple tv
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Bron: VRT app

this repo contains the code for an app on apple tv that allows you to browse the VRTnu website.

This app helps you browse the webpage on your appletv, you will need to log in to your vrt account before being able to watch the videos.

This app is written entirely in SwiftUI, there are a bunch of limitations which are mainly because: SwiftUI lacks a lot of reatures at the moment, and this is my first ever Swift app.


More detailed installation instructions might come later, basically you need to have a Mac, download XCode, import this project, on your Apple TV go to Settings -> Remotes and devices -> Remote app and devices and just leave it there. On your XCode click Window, Decices and Simulators and now wait a little bit, if you are lucky (and on the same network) your apple tv will show up and want to pair with your Xcode. Enter the pairing number displayed on your tv. close this window an din XCode click on where it says "Apple TV 4k (at 1080p)" and select your tvOS Device click the play button. The app will be compiled and uploaded to your Apple TV.

Easy installation

I could create a TestFlight app and publish a link here so you can easily install it. However Apple requires 99$ a year in fees to let anybody use this service. Since This is my First and only app on the apple platform I currenly do not have a developer account yet so I can not use this service. Feel free to donate some bitcoin on 179GKJpJGWdSuk3ydjqDFTcYLkxog2AmQx


The code in this project is available without waranty under the GPL-v3 License

Files in the dependencies folder are under their own individual license.


Feel free to open a pull request, code contributed to this project will be contributed under a dual GPL-v3 and MIT License (This will allow me to publish this app in an app store when enought requests for this are received)


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